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something different.

Happy New Year! Sometimes as the Graphic Designers we get to venture out of our usual packaging projects and do some art for the photo shoots! Here is a piece I just created for an up coming shoot for Mira … Continue reading

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Hobart, Tasmania

  Mona Gallery: Tasmania for the weekend! Soo good, for so many reasons! Mona Gallery lived up to it’s reputation, loved the day there! Half the building goes underground, dug into the sandstone, so in the “Theatre of the World” … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes.

It’s come to that time once again when designs are beginning to be photographed for the next season.  Today Danny from Lampoluce (Click here for his website) has begun photography on the new Hiccups range. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait … Continue reading

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No one told me about this movie, no discussions, never mentioned – under the radar.  Jane Fonda (who delivers a rare performance) won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role – this was about all I knew.  After some … Continue reading

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Clear Lake

I was also lucky enough to head head away for the weekend. My family has a farm in a place called Clear Lake which is about an hour outside of Horsham, Victoria. It has been, like most of rural Australia … Continue reading

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