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Linen House Features in Indonesia

We are excited to announce Linen House is now available at Sogo Plaza Senayan, Debenhams Kemang & Senayan City stores in Indonesia.

A selected range of our design brands Linen House, Hiccups, Marie Claire and Designers Guild grace the floors in these great department stores.

Sogo Plaza Senayan & Debenhams Kermang are currently stocking a large range of Linen House, Designers Guild & Marie Claire bed linen and homewares in store – see instore images below

Sogo Plaza Senayan

Debenhams Kermang

Also see part of our large Hiccups kids range displayed in the Debenhams Senayan City store – in store image below

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The Story Behind Sanejo

How the artwork of school children in Rwanda became a Hiccups design.

Linen House has been a major sponsor of YGAP (Y Generation Against Poverty) since its inception in 2008.  A not for profit organization, YGAP volunteers run creative fundraising campaigns and social enterprises to support youth education across Africa, Asia and Australia.

In September 2013 Michele Duncan (Hiccups Creative Director and Linen House Co-Founder) and her son Scott (YGAP Founding Member) volunteered to join the 2013 YGAP  Dreamlink project.  Dreamlink is a joint initiative with local group Sanejo which aims to provide access to educational facilities to communites facing extreme poverty as they transit from war to peace– starting with Ntenyo primary school. Fifteen classrooms have been constructed with YGAP funding and labour from Australian volunteer groups since 2010.  In addition the volunteers assist with teacher training and English classes. The pass rate of students from primary to secondary school has improved from 0% to 100%.

In addition, all building materials are bought locally, further supporting the local community and providing new jobs.

Michele thought it would be a worthwhile project to get the Ntenyo children involved in the creation of a Hiccups design. Not only would they have a lot of fun painting and drawing but they would also get to see how a design can become a real product for sale.  So two large suitcases were packed for the trip with 50kg of brand new art materials and paper (generously subsidized by Melbourne Art Supplies).

So while other volunteers were busy building four new classrooms, Michele teamed up with enthusiastic student trainer teacher Godwin and 600 excited primary school kids to conduct daily art classes – and the results are remarkable considering they have never had the opportunity to have art classes or any materials.

Back in Australia, Michele met with the Hiccups designers to go through the difficult process of selection and discuss how best to incorporate the drawings into a design format for production.

Drawing inspiration for colour from photos of Rwanda the team brought back with them, Emily put together a very cute patchwork of original drawings from the Ntenyo children together with her own drawings to complement the African theme.  The result is charmingly original and fresh.

“The artwork we received from the kids was mostly of cars, bicycles, schoolhouses, plants and their family and friends. Which not surprisingly is the same as most other children would draw! There were no drawings of African animals, the reason being that most of these children had never really seen them before. They just drew what was around them. They had a lot of creativity and artistic flare shining through in their use of colour and texture which reflected the African landscape. It was a heartwarming experience being able to collaborate with these budding artists, creating something new which gives back to their community. “

A couple of months later our sample finally arrived and we could show the buyers from the department stores. We were thrilled with the reception it received- everyone loved the design and were keen to support the project.

Sanejo means ‘rebuilding tomorrow’ in the local Kinyarwanda language. Now all the stock has arrived you can be part of this story as well- Linen House is donating 10% of all quilt cover set sales back to the Dreamlink project.

This year YGAP is raising funds to build four more classrooms, continue teacher training programs and provide ongoing business support training for the local community.

Sanejo Quilt Cover Set available at:

For more information on YGAP and Sanejo go to:

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Good Advice

Thought we would share a good piece of advice from an extract sent to us from our friends at YGAP.

“This year’s most important advice came from US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven: If you want to change the world start by making your bed.
If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another,” he told University of Texas graduates.

“By the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right you will never do the big things right. And, if by chance you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made – that you made – and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.”

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Jacqui Baxter Exibiting

Our friend and colleague of many years, Jacqui Baxter, is exhibiting her gorgeous floral paintings along side fellow artist Pamela  Fordham at the charming Acme Etal bookshop and gallery, 17 Bell St., Yarra Glen.  Jacqui has painted many of the Linen House floral designs over the years and it is great to see her exhibiting her original work.  Being a textile designer, she has converted some of her designs to  prints on linen which are also for sale at the exhibition. Yarra Valley is wine country and not much more than an hour’s drive from Melbourne- do you need another excuse!?
Go to Jacqui’s blog for more info and pictures

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RMIT 2nd Year Industry Project

Every year Linen House collaborates with RMIT to give the 2nd year Textile Design students an industry based project. We feel this is very beneficial for the students. It gives them a taste for what it is like designing commercially. The students are given a choice of three briefs for our Summer 14/15 range:

Linen House Lifestyle

Linen House Vintage

Linen House Naturals

The students also have a feedback session with us half way through the project. This gives us a chance to see what direction the students design is heading in and if we can suggest idea’s to the students such as colour choice, fabric selection, motif scale and repeat to help refine their final outcome to best suit the brand they are designing for.

Once the project was completed by the dead line given, Georgie and I assessed all the students work. From there we selected the three outstanding projects.

We awarded a highly commended prize to Aliki Batsios majoring in Screen Printing. She chose to design for our Lifestyle brand. We loved her fresh and playful floral teamed up with a funky co-ordinating geometric reverse. We felt the design was really trendy and the colours perfect for summer.

Second prize was awarded to Cassie Byrnes also majoring in Screen Print. She too designed for our Lifestyle brand. This was a stand out project for us. Her use of Australian flora and fauna with her beautiful and almost naive handwriting was a delight to see. A lovely subject matter to work with. We also loved her colour palette. Her different colour combinations really helped her stand out against the rest.

First prize was given to Rebekah Archer who chose to design for our Naturals brand. Her major is Weave. Rebekah’s work, again, clearly stood out to us. Her presentation was immaculate and her back up visual diary was thorough and well considered. We felt her design had an understated beauty about it and her woven samples were gorgeous to see and touch. We felt this design would really work well as a uni-sex design. Very calming with lovely use of texture which is what Naturals is all about.

The three finalists had the further opportunity to refine their design based on the feedback form Georgie and I. It was great to see these changes as we do this a lot in industry.

A big congratulations to all the finalists. We look forward to seeing you in the studio for work experience!

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